How to choose rim size for tire?

The rim should have same diameter and inner width as tire, there's optimal rim size for each tire following global standards like ETRTO and TRA. You can also check tire & rim fitting chart with your supplier. 

what is 1-pc rim?

1-PC rim, also called single-piece rim, is made from single piece of metal for the rim base and it was shaped into different type of profiles, 1-PC rim is normally size below 25”, like truck rim the 1-PC rim is light weight, light load and high speed, it’s widely used in light vehicles like agriculture tractor, trailer, tele-handler, wheel excavator, and other type of road machinery. The load of 1-PC rim is light.

what is 3-pc rim?

3-PC rim, also called there-piece rim, is made by three pieces which are rim base, lock ring and flange. 3-PC rim is normally size 12.00-25/1.5, 14.00-25/1.5 and 17.00-25/1.7. 3-PC is medium weight, medium load and high speed, it’s widely used in construction equipments like graders, small & middle wheel loaders and forklifts. It can load much more than 1-PC rim but there’s a limits of the speed.

what is 4-pc rim?

5-PC rim, also called five-piece rim, is made by five pieces which are rim base, lock ring, bead seat and two side rings. 5-PC rim is normally size 19.50-25/2.5 up to 19.50-49/4.0, some of the rims from size 51” to 63” are also five-piece. 5-PC rim is heavy weight, heavy load and low speed, it’s widely used in construction equipments and mining equipments, like dozers, big wheel loaders, articulated haulers, dump trucks and other mining machines.

How many kinds of forklift rim?

There are many kinds of forklift rims, defined by structure it can be split rim, 2-PC, 3-PC and 4-PC. Split rim are small and light and used by small forklift, 2-PC rim are normally large sizes, 3-PC and 4-PC rim are used by middle and large forklift. 3-PC and 4-PC rims are mostly small sizes and complex design, but they can bear larger load and higher speed.

What is the lead-time?

We normally finish production in 4 weeks and can shorten to 2 weeks when it's urgent case. Depends on the destination the transportation time can be from 2 weeks to 6 weeks, so the total lead-time is 6 weeks to 10 weeks.

What is HYWG advantage?

We produce not only rim complete but also rim components, we also supply to global OEM like CAT and Volvo, so our advantages are Full range of products, Whole Industry Chain, Proven quality and Strong R&D.

What is the product standards your are following?

Our OTR rims apply global standard ETRTO and TRA.

What kind of painting can you do?

Our primer painting is E-coating, our top painting are powder and wet paint.

How many kinds of rim components do you have?

We have lock ring, side ring, bead seat, driver key and flange for different kinds of rims from size 4" to 63".