DW25X28 rim for Construction Equipment and Agriculture Wheel loader & Tractor Volvo

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DW25x28 is a new developed rim size which means there are not many rim suppliers having this in production, we developed DW25x28 requested by key customer who already has tire in place but need a new rim accordingly. Compared to standard design our DW25x28 has a stronger flange, which means the flange is wider and longer than other design. This is a Heavy Duty version DW25x28, it is designed to be applied by both Wheel Loader and Tractor, it’s a Construction Equipment and Agriculture rim. Nowadays the tire is designed to be harder and higher load, our rim will give the feature of high load and easy mounting.

  • Rim size: DW25X28
  • Application: Construction Equipment and Agriculture
  • Model: Wheel loader & Tractor
  • Vehicle Brand: DW25x28 is 1PC structure for TL tire, the flange has been re-designed with strengthened structure.
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    A tractor is a powerful agricultural vehicle designed primarily for pulling or pushing heavy loads, tilling the soil, and powering various implements used in farming and other land-related tasks. Tractors are essential machines in modern agriculture and play a critical role in increasing productivity and efficiency in farming operations.

    Key features and components of a tractor include:

    1. Engine: Tractors are equipped with powerful engines, typically running on diesel fuel, which provides the necessary horsepower and torque to perform various tasks.

    2. Power Take-Off (PTO): Tractors have a PTO shaft that extends from the rear of the tractor. The PTO is used to transfer power from the engine to operate various agricultural implements, such as plows, mowers, and balers.

    3. Three-Point Hitch: Most tractors have a three-point hitch at the rear, which allows for easy attachment and detachment of implements. The three-point hitch provides a standardized connection system for various agricultural tools.

    4. Tires: Tractors can have different types of tires, including agricultural tires suitable for various terrains and conditions. Some tractors may also have tracks for improved traction.

    5. Operator Cab: Modern tractors often have a comfortable and enclosed operator cab equipped with various controls and instruments, providing a safe and efficient working environment for the operator.

    6. Hydraulics: Tractors are equipped with hydraulic systems used to control various implements and attachments. The hydraulics allow the operator to raise, lower, and adjust the position of the attached equipment.

    7. Transmission: Tractors have various transmission systems, including manual, semi-automatic, or hydrostatic transmissions, enabling the operator to control the speed and power delivery.

    Tractors come in different sizes and power ranges, from small compact tractors suitable for light-duty tasks on small farms or gardens to large, heavy-duty tractors used in extensive agricultural operations and construction projects. The specific type of tractor used depends on the size of the farm, the tasks required, and the types of implements to be used.

    In addition to agricultural applications, tractors are also utilized in various other industries, such as construction, landscaping, forestry, and material handling. Their versatility and power make them indispensable machines in a wide range of applications, providing the necessary muscle to accomplish numerous tasks efficiently and effectively.

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