DW25X28 rim for Construction Equipment and Agriculture Wheel loader & Tractor Volvo

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DW25x28 is a new developed rim size which means there are not many rim suppliers having this in production, we developed DW25x28 requested by key customer who already has tire in place but need a new rim accordingly. Compared to standard design our DW25x28 has a stronger flange, which means the flange is wider and longer than other design. This is a Heavy Duty version DW25x28, it is designed to be applied by both Wheel Loader and Tractor, it’s a Construction Equipment and Agriculture rim. Nowadays the tire is designed to be harder and higher load, our rim will give the feature of high load and easy mounting.

  • Rim size: DW25X28
  • Application: Construction Equipment and Agriculture
  • Model: Wheel loader & Tractor
  • Vehicle Brand: Volvo DW25x28 is 1PC structure for TL tire, the flange has been re-designed with strengthened structure.
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    Wheel loader

    A wheel loader, also known as a front-end loader, bucket loader, or simply loader, is a heavy equipment machine widely used in construction, mining, and other material handling applications. It is a type of earthmoving equipment that features a large, wide bucket attached to the front of the machine. Wheel loaders are designed to load, carry, and transport materials, such as soil, gravel, sand, rocks, and other loose materials, from one location to another.


    Key features and components of a wheel loader include:


    1. Front-Mounted Bucket: The front-end loader's primary feature is a large, durable bucket mounted to the front of the machine. The bucket can be raised, lowered, and tilted to scoop up and deposit materials.


    2. Lift Arms and Hydraulic System: The lift arms, connected to the bucket, allow the operator to control the bucket's movements using a hydraulic system. This system provides the power to lift, lower, and tilt the bucket.


    3. Rigid Frame: Wheel loaders have a sturdy, rigid frame that supports the entire machine and withstands heavy loads.


    4. Articulated Steering: Most wheel loaders use articulated steering, allowing the machine to pivot in the middle, providing excellent maneuverability and a tight turning radius.


    5. Powerful Engine: Wheel loaders are equipped with powerful engines to provide the necessary horsepower and torque for loading and moving heavy materials.


    6. Operator Cab: The cab is where the operator sits, providing a comfortable and safe environment. Modern cabs often have air-conditioning, heating, ergonomic controls, and excellent visibility.


    7. Four-Wheel Drive: Wheel loaders typically have four-wheel drive capabilities, providing traction and stability, especially when working on rough or uneven terrain.


    Wheel loaders come in various sizes, from compact models suitable for smaller projects to large, heavy-duty machines used in mining and major construction projects. Different attachments can also be added to the bucket, allowing the wheel loader to perform various tasks, such as snow removal, lifting pallets, or handling specialized materials.


    Wheel loaders play a crucial role in various industries due to their versatility, efficiency, and capability to handle heavy loads. Their widespread use in construction, mining, agriculture, and other industries makes them a fundamental piece of equipment for material handling and earthmoving tasks.

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